Why Should I Journal?

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life and every quality of his mind is written largely in his works.”
– Virginia Woolf

This year is all about my writing goals. One of those goals is to face my struggles and get myself writing in a journal. I’m the type to start a journal and then stop writing after a few days. If I get to a week, you may as well count it as a milestone. The only time I have fully committed myself to journal writing is on an English teacher’s request. There was a positive incentive—a grade, extra credit or whatever the case may be.

But to keep a journal of my own personal thoughts? That has always been scary to me. I’m the type of person that finds it hard to write about myself but get me talking and I’ll talk for hours about what I have done on one project. It doesn’t make much sense—I should be able to easily transfer those thoughts to the page. The thoughts get jumbled and lost somewhere between my mind and the keyboard, however, and those thoughts struggle to come out. But, this year I’m going to make it happen one way or another.

When I set out to achieve this goal, I did research. Bullet journaling seemed like it was the most obvious choice. I could write lists of my favorite items, things I had to do, and whatever the need may be. I also looked into art journals since I have a passion for drawing. But what I really wanted to get out of it was writing down my personal thoughts. So I blended all three in a custom journal, drawing custom designs for the dates and prompts. Then, before I do any writing at all, I make a gratitude list of the day.

I’m as stubborn as they come, but I’m trying to commit to doing this. It’s not only going to benefit me, but it’s going to benefit my writing. I really struggle with time management and productivity. Each morning I sit down and write for a few minutes in my journal. It has helped me start my day. The real challenge that I see is going to be keeping it up. After all, there are no incentives but my own personal goals. I have belief in myself and my goals. This is something I must do for my writing career.

Are there are any writers out there that journal? How has it benefited your writing?

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