Proofreading Services


I check for the following information in your document:

Grammatical Errors:
– word use (affect or effect?)
– sentence structure
– active and passive voice
– parallelism
– parts of speech, modifiers and tenses
– superlatives and comparatives
– subject/verb agreement
– correct plural forms
– double negatives
– paragraph flow
….and more!

Punctuation Errors:
– capitalization
– comma use and misuse
– semicolons and colons
– hyphenation
– dashes and apostrophes
– quotation mark usage
– punctuation which sits outside quotations
– run-on sentences and comma splices
– exclamation points
– fragments in your writing
…and more!

Anything to do with writing in general:
– point of view
– action and setting
– varying types of conflict
– your plot structure
– mood and tone of your writing
– conciseness and redundancy
– wordiness in your writing
– accuracy in facts and information
– missing words or missing punctuation
– rewriting whenever necessary
…and more!

You can upload your Word document (DOC/DOCX) file on the checkout page. If you would rather use Google Docs, please let me know in the order notes section on the checkout page.

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