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Jennifer Olson, Freelance Writer And Published Author

Hire me as your writer! I have been a freelance contractor since 2003. I began my career writing for these websites: Themestream.com, Thisisby.us, Helium.com. I have moved away from content mills and now am writing on my own. In 2011 I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. My emphasis was on editing and reporting.

During my collegiate career, I worked on 2 college newspapers, several academic newsletters and a local newspaper in Charleston, Illinois. I now professionally write for bloggers that need content for their website. I am open to proofreading and editing content of your website IN FULL at an agreed-upon price. This price varies with the length of each post and how many posts are included on each blog. Please reference the prices below blog content order accordingly  to your blog post total.

My Proofreading Services

Let me make your writing shine! I have a unique approach to editing. I read each document line by line, searching carefully for errors of any kind. These may any type of error, but especially any of the following:

  • comma splices
  • misuse of a word (such as hear instead of here)
  • pronoun errors
  • lack of subject or a verb
  • run on sentences or fragments
  • misplaced modifiers
  • misuse of dialogue tags
  • passive voice vs. active voice

I read each document three times. This is a method that I picked up while in journalism school. First I read the document strictly for content. During this read I note errors but I don’t change them. The second reading is when I start back at the beginning. I read line-by-line and correct every error that I see. Then, the third reading is to correct any error which I may have missed.

Here is the types of content which I will read:

  • E-books
  • Essays
  • Blog posts
  • Novels
  • Nonfiction

And my prices for proofreading:

Any document:

0-2,000 words     $30        Delivery time: 1 days
3k-5k words        $40        Delivery time: 3 days
6k-25k words      $100        Delivery time: 7 days
26k-75k words      $150        Delivery time: 10 days
76k-100k words      $200        Delivery time: 31 days

Want more?

Contact me. I’m sure we could work something out.