Why do I need an editor?

All writers need editors. We all have faulty sentences that could be sharper. Words are commonly misused, and commas or semicolons are out of place. Writers are too close to their own content to look at it objectively; therefore, an editor can easily spot errors which you missed. Trust an editor to make your writing looked professional and sharp for the reader.   

What do I get working with you?

I have been a professional book editor since 2014, editing a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Since 2010, I have worked at three newspapers: The Daily Eastern News (the student-run newspaper of Eastern Illinois University; Journal Gazette Times-Courier (Mattoon, IL) and Villa Grove News (Villa Grove, IL). Professionalism and customer satisfaction are a top priority for me. I take my clients and deadlines very seriously.

Furthermore, I take my time combing through your document. I have three style guides I use to edit my books: The Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style and the New Oxford Style Manual. I have dictionaries and thesauri available when needed. This includes a law dictionary for books which may include legal terminology. Please notify me if you have British English words and/or phrases in your document. These will not be changed to their Americanized cousins if you prefer they stay the same.  

What should I send you?

Please send me all parts of your book. This includes your copyright and dedication pages, any acknowledgement pages, citations, etc. These will be edited along with your document.

How do you mark changes in my document?

I use Microsoft Office’s track changes, which allows you to see all changes made within your document. A clean copy of your document will accompany the copy w/ track changes upon order completion.  

Which file types do you accept? How do I send my file to you?

At this time, I only accept .doc or .docx files. It’s okay if you have a file from LibreOffice or Google Docs. Send me the file through Google Docs and I download it as a Microsoft Word document. 

Is rewriting included in the editing packages?

Yes. I will rewrite phrases, sentences and/or paragraphs to assure they sound more concise. My intent is to rewrite without changing the content and/or the author’s voice. Major rewrites will require the author’s approval. I maintain constant communication through email.

What if I’m not happy once you send my book back?

One free revision will be provided to you. Each additional revision is $30. Revisions may be requested up to 14 days after order completion. I will refund 50% of your money if you are still unsatisfied. Refunds will only be accepted up to 30 days after completion of order.

What if I have follow-up questions?

Please contact me. I strive to deliver outstanding customer service. I will answer any questions you have concerning your document.

Are you the best editor for my book?

Maybe; maybe not. I do not specialize in any one genre at this time. Send me the first ten pages of your document to get an idea of my editing style.   

Confidentiality and Security:

A document is copyrighted once you type it on your computer. Your thoughts and expressions are invaluable; therefore, I take assurance in protecting the privacy of your document. Clients’ documents are neither shared nor distributed without the prior consent of the author. Moreover, your personal information (name and contact information) is secure and confidential. This information will never be shared with third parties. The applications I use (Google Drive, Google Documents and Microsoft Office) are safe and secure. Please be advised I keep your document on my hard drive up to 14 business days after order completion (in case you need a revision). After 14 days, I will delete your documents, along with all information included with the purchase.