Create a Winning Team

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”
-Mark Twain

We have a team around us for most of what we do. In the beginning, this team is your family. Your mother and father; your beloved sisters and brothers. You can’t get a scraped knee or have a bad day without your home team cheering you up.

In business, this team is a bit different. These individuals are your most trusted colleagues that share your company’s vision. When you set a goal, they work together to make it a reality. If you’re a new entrepreneur, creating this winning team can be scary–but try your best to shake it off. Just like your home team, your company team wants the best for you. Here’s how to achieve that.

1) Hire those that are self-driven towards success. 

Let’s say you want to have five more products out by next year. It’s normal to work with your team on this goal, but maybe you can’t be there all the time. Business trips pull you away, for instance, or you’re traveling for leisure. Your team has to be self-efficient in your absence. They have to be capable to get the product testing complete, advertise the product and much more.

In order to hire people that share your vision, you have to know what that entails. Sit down and write your mission statement. What are the goals of your company? Where do you see your company in 5–even 10 years from this starting point? What technology is involved in your success? Maybe you require that all your employees have Skype or Slack, a new application that connects businesses with everyone working for them. Having all of this in mind can help you interview with clarity and get your business off to a roaring start.

2) Set priorities.

Your team has to understand what is important to your company. If you give them a list of tasks–and aren’t physically there to see them accomplish each task, prioritize them. Maybe writing the blog content is more important than posting to social media. Or, taking a client meeting takes precedence over going to an industry conference. Insist that each person with you schedule their work tasks in a planner or online calendar. This gives you the opportunity to track their progress, even if you’re away from the office.

3) Let the team do their job. 

Nothing is worse than a boss lurking behind you, checking on you constantly to see if you’re working. Give your employees breathing room. Trust them to do the tasks in which you assigned them. If you tasked John with posting to social media, don’t come back to him a few minutes later asking if he has done it. People need time to process information; we are not designed to jump when bosses ask ‘how high?’ Rather, check back in with John 30 minutes to an hour later. This should be enough time to complete the work.

4) Reward your team. 

If your team does an excellent job, express your gratitude. If you’re a small company but have an office, you may cater in lunch. Or, if all your employees work from home, surprise them with a bonus. Pay it forward to your team so they know that you take notice of their hard work and dedicated efforts. If you treat your team like your family, they are going to stay with you longer and become more loyal. Think of different ways you can show your gratitude to your dedicated team.

5) Enjoy the team’s accomplishments. 

Finally, realize that it would be hard to be you (or your company) without this team. Could you put 5 products out by yourself in one year? It’s unlikely. Having a social media manager, advertiser, proofreader and secretary all on staff is a luxury. They are committed to making you look good so this means that you have to care, too. Your team is the foundation of your company. Choose a winning team and you’ll be winning as an entrepreneur.

What other ideas do you have for a winning team? Leave them in the comments below.

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