Category: Writing Tips and Methods

Myths About Writing a Memoir

Memoirs can be captivating and thrilling as you read of a person’s life. But, they come with a lot of misconceptions.

The Inverted Pyramid in Journalism

The inverted pyramid is common in the journalism industry. How else have you used it?

Secondary Research – What is it? When do I use it?

Explore what is considered secondary research and when to use it.

Things Writers Can Learn by People Watching

People watching can be an effective tool for writers. Learn how it benefits your characterization.

Writing Process: Revision and Editing

First things first — revision and editing are not the same.

Primary Research: What is it? When do I use it?

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, at some point you will have to do research. This type of research is invaluable, as it going to help writers in each of their writing projects.

Writing Process: Drafting

Drafting is the third step of the writing process. At this stage, the prewriting should be finished.

Writing Process: Prewriting

Prewriting is the first stage of any writing project. This is where the writer first starts to gather information and ideas around their chosen topic.

Writing Process: Making a Commitment

Don’t let your struggle with writing be your defeat. Don’t let yourself be swayed by negative critics.

Why Writers Need to Learn Math

The importance of math plays a vital role for writers and here’s why.