Category: Fiction Writing

Why Your Character Needs Flaws

Perfectionism is an ideology. So why, dare I ask, do you hold your characters to the high standard of this unachievable goal?

How to Write a Tragedy Story

Tragedy is literature is common among within the thriller genre. It’s one of the most popular genres to write about, keeping the readers suspenseful and turning the pages.

It’s Full Speed…to Your Novel’s Ending

Act 3 of your story has begun!

Show–Don’t Tell–Your Character’s Emotions

Fiction writers, more than those that write non-fiction, have to show what is happening within a scene.

Writing Your Novel’s Second Act

Let’s keep those readers burning to know what’s going to happen on the next page, in the next scene–in the┬ánext chapter!!

Tips to Writing Your Novel’s First Act

When writing a novel, it’s important to follow a specific layout.

How to Write Realistic Settings

A realistic place helps to define your fictional setting. Readers or viewers can envision the characters within the story.

Writing a Quest Story

This type of plot leads the character in search of a new item, place or person.

Make Your Character Fight For Their Life

You want to keep your readers turning those pages. That’s how we sell books!

Writing First Person POV

First person POV indicates that the author is using autobiographical writing. Readers mostly see this in personal essays and memoirs.