Writing First Person POV

First person POV indicates that the author is using autobiographical writing. Readers mostly see this in personal essays and memoirs.

Secrets to Writing a Classic Children’s Book

Writing a children’s book can be a great way to stretch your creativity.

How to Become a Morning Person

These are some of the best tips I have found to become an early riser.

Quit vs. Quite vs. Quiet

It’s easy to get lost in our thoughts and mix up “too” for “two” or write “here” when you meant to write “hear.”

Take Charge Character Archetypes

Characters are the life of any story. When writing a hero or heroine, it’s important to give them traits that fit your storyline.

Five Reasons to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful way to build your readership and brand yourself as an author.

Time Management Tips to Limit Distractions

Time management is all about finding balance. Distractions are going to happen, but you have to learn how to organize them.

Should My Real-Life Experience be a Novel?

All stories, to some extent, are based on a person’s experience. It’s how authors handle the facts that draw the line between fiction and memoir.

Make Page One…JUMP Off The Page

If you don’t capture me with action or an interesting character, I may not be captivated enough to see the story through to the end.

How to Use Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are a way to get the creativeness out of your mind and onto the paper.