Compound Sentences

Lucy came home for lunch, and she cooked hot dogs. Henry went to the business meeting but then he returned to his office. Both of these sentences are compound sentences. An independent clause (a clause with a subject and verb). Independent clauses can freely stand on their own, unlike dependent clauses that lack a subject…
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Many vs. Much

Many is used with countable items, which are those items that can be individually counted. Keep reading to see the comparison with much.

Active Reading Strategies: Learning to Read on a Much Deeper Level

To read with determination and purpose is to be an active reader. This reading strategy involves becoming engrossed in the reading material, whether you’re reading a blog post or a full-length book.

By His Saving Grace, I Survived

Many of you reading may already know the story of my 2012 car accident. For those unaware of it, this car accident has completely altered how I live my life.